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Since the ISHM Congress will be held as hybrid event, Scientific Committee has decided not to organise any sessions in parallel, therefore authors, who have submitted more than one abstract, accepted for oral presentation is only one abstract. The others can be presented as posters. All of the abstracts will be published in the abstract book.

[updated 29 July]

Wednesday, 25 August

(planned as a short talks (2 min. talk and 2 min. Q/A))

Morning session 10:00-12:00

  • [1] The First Public Organization of Doctors at the North of the European Part of Russia – Society of Arkhangelsk Doctors. Anna ANDREEVA, Russia
  • [2] To the History of the Development of Problems of Marine Medicine in the XX Century (by the Materials of the X International Symposium “Man and Ship of 2000”, Riga, 1986). Anna ANDREEVA, Russia
  • [3] Giuliano Vanghetti: The Naval Surgeon Who Invented Cineplastic Prosthesis. Maria Vittori ANGRISANI, Italy
  • [4] Soviet Physicians Visit to the 9th International Pediatric Congress in Montreal (1959). Kaspars ANTONOVIČS, Latvia
  • [5] Development of Preventive Medical Education in Latvia. Marija AVOTA, Latvia
  • [6] Metamorphoses of the Serpent, an Ancient Universal Symbol of Medicine. Dana BARAN, Romania
  • [7] A Recipe by Aspasia (Vi D. C.) — the Use of Medicinal Plants in the Light of Modern Biochemistry. Maria do Sameiro BARROSO, Portugal
  • [8] The Early Years of Hematology: Gabriel Andral and Giulio Bizzozero’s Solutions to the Blood Enigma. Sofia BRUZZESE, Italy
  • [9] Limb Prostheses: Historical Development and Psychosocial Impact in 19th and 20th Centuries. Maria Sofia CARACÒ, Italy
  • [10] Revolution in History of Chinese Medicine Education: the Hong Kong Baptist University Experience. Yi Yi Edna CHAN, Hong Kong
  • [11] Dr. Hetty Ockrim (1919-2007): The ‘Letters to No-one’ and her Medical Legacy. Kenneth COLLINS, Israel
  • [12] Hippocrates’ case reports from the Greater Larissa area. Athanasios DIAMANDOPOULOS, Greece
  • [13] Banting and Macleod: Egotism Against Humility and the Discovery of Insulin. Alberto de LEIVA-HIDALGO, Spain
  • [14] Banting and Best Did Not Discover the Antidiabetic Hormone. Alberto de LEIVA-HIDALGO, Spain
  • [15] “The Notes of an Ambulance physician” by A.G.Dreytser - a popular documentary work about the Great Patriotic war. Ekaterina DREYTSER, Russia
  • [16] A Historical Report on the ISHM. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [17] Surgical Writings of Later Middle Ages in Western Europe. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [18] The Course of Medicine in Space and in Time. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [19] Historical Aspects on Pulmonary Circulation Based in Contemporaneous Data. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [20] Historical Aspects on the Intubation of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [21] On the Relation of Medicine with God in Treatises of Hippocratic collection. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [22] On the Theory of Elements in Science. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [23] Medical Reports in S. Augustine’s Writings. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [24] Saint J. Damascenes’ Reports Relative to Medicine. Theodore DRIZIS, Greece
  • [25] Origins of Perinatology in Folk-Medicine of Ancient Rus. Olga DZHARMAN, Russia
  • [26] Development of Occupational Health in Latvia and Worldwide. Maija EGLITE, Latvia
  • [27] Source Domain of Metaphorical Terminology in Corpus Hippocraticum and Corpus Galenicum. Ieva FĪBIGA, Latvia
  • [28] Lena Sidarenko and Cardiosurgery in Ukraine and Russia. Sergey GLYANTSEV, Russia
  • [29] Periods of the History of Russian Surgery. Sergey GLYANTSEV, Russia
  • [30] Modernist Culture - The Making of Modern Surgery. Catarina JANEIRO, Portugal
  • [31] Medical Conflicts Between West and East - the Strange Case of Two Chinese Women in Portugal. Catarina JANEIRO, Portugal
  • [32] Bone External Fixation: at the Crossing Point of Latvia's and the World's Development. Andris JUMTINS, Latvia
  • [33] Medicinal Plants in Art in Pauls Stradins Museum for History and Medicine Collection. Elvigs KABUCIS, Latvia

 Afternoon session 14:00-16:00

  • [1] Pregnancy, Labour and Puerperium: a Perilous Trio. Reflections on Relevant Greek Inscriptional Data. Ourania KALOGERIDOU, Greece
  • [2] Max Nonne and Otfrid Foerster: Two German Neurologists during the Nazi Era. Axel KARENBERG, Germany
  • [3] From Historical, Traditional and Modern Scalpel: Guide to the Anatomical Dissections. Dzintra KAZOKA, Latvia
  • [4] Human Proportions in Paintings: Learning from Albrecht Dürer. Dzintra KAZOKA, Latvia
  • [5] Crossroads of Latvian and German Pathologists in Three Centuries. Regīna KLEINA, Latvia
  • [6] Islands of Despair: Melancholy and Suicide in 18th century Europe. Lisetta LOVETT, Great Britain
  • [7] Regina Salomee Halpir Pilshtanova (1718 – after 1763) Was the First Female Doctor from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Maria MALYSHKO, Belarus
  • [8] 50 Years of the National Medical Residency in Portugal. Agostinho MOREIRA DE SOUSA, Portugal
  • [9] The Support of Healthcare Development in the North of Portugal by NORAD - A Successful Example of Bilateral International Health collaboration. Agostinho MOREIRA DE SOUSA, Portugal
  • [10] Women in Medical Education: Female Students in the First Years of Operation of the Faculty of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Niki PAPAVRAMIDOU, Greece
  • [11] Cardiovascular Surgery in Sakhalin at the Turn of the Century (XIX-XX centuries). Inna PCHELINA, Russia
  • [12]  The “Retirada” (Retreat) as Told by a British Volunteer from the Spanish Medical Aid Committee Rosita Davson. Carmen PÉREZ AGUADO, Spain
  • [13] The Mass Campaign to Eradicate Ringworm Among the Jewish Community in Eastern Europe, 1921-1939. Shifra SHVARTS, Israel
  • [14] The Role of the Memorial Room-Museum of Doctor F.P. Haaz. Natalia SKOBLINA, Russia
  • [15] Ivan Shuvalov and Creation of Imperial Moscow University. Tatiana SOROKINA, Russia
  • [16] Medical education at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Tatiana SOROKINA, Russia
  • [17] History of joint replacement in Latvia. Pēteris STUDERS, Latvia
  • [18] Forgotten People in Latvian Pharmacy – Tamāra Klimoviča. Inese SVIESTINA, Latvia
  • [19] Podilsky Doctors' Society - One of the First Scientific Medical Societies on the Territory of Ukraine. Borys TKACH, Ukraine
  • [20] C. de Duve, Nobel Prize Winner in 1974 and other Nobel Prize Winners. Jean-Pierre TRICOT, Belgium
  • [21] Development of Professional Rehabilitation Training System in Latvia. Aivars VĒTRA, Latvia
  • [22] Development of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Doctors Specialty in Latvia. Anita VĒTRA, Latvia
  • [23] The Nobel prize of Lobotomy--What Were We Correcting? Jinbo ZHAO, Russia
  • [24] Questionnaire Portrait of the Widely Known Russian Scientist-Pathologist, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Professor Nikolai Alexandrovich Kraevsky (17.09.1905–17.05.1985). Alexander ZUBRITSKY, Russia
  • [25] Questionnaire Portrait of the Outstanding Russian Pathologist-Ophthalmologist Professor Alexander Vladimirovich Ivanov. Alexander ZUBRITSKY, Russia
  • [26] Boris Fyodorovich Malyshev – a Well-Known Kyrgyz Pathologist (09.06.1892–04.07.1966). Alexander ZUBRITSKY, Russia
  • [27] Nikolai Nikolaevich Anichkov – the Largest Russian Pathologist, Scientist and Educator (03.11.1885–07.12.1964). Alexander ZUBRITSKY, Russia