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On 3 April the RSU Institute of the History of Medicine held an off-site meeting at the Museum of Medical History in Uppsala University as part of RSU Research Week. Colleagues from Pauls Stradiņš Museum for the History of Medicine, the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University and the Pavlov First State Medical University of St. Petersburg participated in the meeting.


Participants of the off-site meeting in the anatomical theatre (Gustavium) at the Uppsala University

During the meeting the latest edition of the publication Acta medico-historica Rigensia was presented. First published on the initiative of Professor Pauls Stradiņš, Izistorii meditsiny became the only academic journal dedicated to the history of medicine in the region. It was re-named Acta medico-historica Rigensia in 1992 and is published by the RSU History of Medicine institute in cooperation with Pauls Stradiņš Musuem for the History of Medicine.

In 2017 the RSU Institute of the History of Medicine in collaboration with colleagues from the RSU Department of Information Technology, the RSU Publishing and Printing Department, the Latvian National Library and Pauls Stradiņš Museum for History of Medicine started a project to digitalise previous editions and make them available online. Currently all articles published to date have been assigned digital online identifiers (DOI) and are available on the RSU website via the following link: There are plans to digitalise and publish the publication Iz istorii meditsiny in the same manner in the future. 

A new international editorial board was created in 2017 with the possibility of indexing the journal in academic databases in mind. Policies and technical requirements were reworked, and aims and the structure of the journal were defined. Starting with its eleventh volume Acta medico-historica Rigensia is now a reviewed, academic, open-access journal dedicated to research in the fields of history of medicine, life sciences and medical museology in Latvia and the Baltic Sea region countries. The journal will be issued once a year and will encompass scientific studies, book and media reviews, and reports on relevant events in academic and museum life. Historically each edition has contained articles in Latvian, Russian, German and English. Going forward, however, Acta medico-historica Rigensia will only publish articles in English and Latvian to make it more accessible. Since 2018 Acta medico-historica Rigensia has been indexed in the largest open access journal database DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) so entering the circulation of academic journals.