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In honor of the leading Russian historian of medicine Prof. Mark Mirsky (1930-2010), his family in cooperation with ISHM has established a new research award. The Mark Mirsky Prize will be awarded for mostly important scientific works in the field of the History of Medicine at each congress of ISHM starting from the 47-th ISHM Congress this year. The cash prize is 3000 EUR. The laureate will be selected by Scientific Board of the Congress.
Professor Mark Mirsky was a longtime Full Member of the International Society for History of Medicine and served as Chairman of many scientific sessions of ISHM Congresses and Meetings. He was a fervent supporter of the humanities and a keen expert of history of medicine. The ISHM honours His dedication and thanks His family members who sponsored, for the first time this year, the Mark Mirsky prize by naming the ISHM Award Diploma in His honour.
The presentation of the first Professor Mark Mirsky Prize will take place during the closing ceremony of the 47-th ISHM Congress in Riga, on August 27, 2021. The award will be presented by Mark Mirsky's son - Professor of the Brandenburg University of Technology, Vladimir Mirsky.