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The 47-th ISHM Centennial Congress will take place in Riga in August 2021

We all continue to wait for our meetings and the 47th centennial congress of the ISHM in Riga is our nearest reserved place and date. Now we are ready to confirm that our anniversary congress will take place in Riga, in August 2021! It is not yet clear in what format - a real or virtual meeting, but most likely it will be a hybrid one. It means, somebody of you will come to Riga and someone will be with us in the "window" of the already familiar for all of us Zoom.

Please book the key dates:
The 47-th ISHM centennial congress – August 23-27, 2021 (Riga, Latvia and on Zoom platform)
Abstract submission deadline – March 8, 2021
Abstracts (new) acceptance of confirmation – April 15, 2021
Early registration deadline – June 1, 2021